Sieve Email Filtering: Sieves and Display Directives in XML
RFC 5784

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

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Comment (2009-08-13)
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  Security Considerations, last paragraph: You mention that potentially
  executable content can be introduced via other namespaces, and that
  "appropriate security precautions" should be taken. I think this needs
  more discussion, as I am not sure an implementor will understand what
  the authors considered appropriate.

  Nits/editorial comment: Section 3, last paragraph: First sentence is

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Comment (2009-08-12 for -)
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   Extensions can add new controls, actions, tests, or new arguments to
   existing controls or actions.  Extensions have also changed how
   string content is interpreted, although this is not relevant to this
   specification.  However, it is especially important to note that so
   far no Sieve extension has added a new control to the language and it

This is not quite correct, as demonstrated by the Sieve MIME Loops document, which adds "break" and "foreverypart" control commands.

   seems safe to assume that due to their nature future addition of
   controls will be rare.

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Comment (2009-08-12 for -)
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Please consider being even more explicit about not including double-quotes in the <str> elements. The examples reinforce this, but some text directly stating what should happen would not hurt. 

when representing
fileinto "folder";

<action name="fileinto"><str>folder</str></action> is good.
<action name="fileinto"><str>"folder"</str></action> isn't what you want.