Requirements for a Location-by-Reference Mechanism
RFC 5808

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I like the document.

1.  Introduction

   As justification for a LbyR model, consider the circumstance that in
   some mobile networks it is not efficient for the end host to
   periodically query the Location Information Server (LIS) for up-to-
   date location information.  This is especially the case when ower

Did you mean "owner"?

   availability is a constraint or when a location update is not
   immediately needed.

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Section 1 has the phrase "This is especially the case when ower availability is a constraint" -- I can't understand this phrase even if I try "owner" for "ower"

Section 1 says "Note that this document makes no differentiation between a Location Server (LS), per [RFC3693], and a Location Information Server (LIS),"

but diagram 1 explicitly differentiates between them so the Note is false.

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