TFTP Server Address Option for DHCPv4
RFC 5859

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Comment (2009-03-07)
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Point out this won't work for IPv6. Suggest what IPv6 phones should do instead. 

Explain the array type in DHCP results in same on the wire messages as the list formatting. 

There a lot of SHOULDs in this document that make no sense and need to be cleaned up. In every case where you have a SHOULD, explain in what cases the device might not want to do this. Take for example the client SHOULD include the 150 in the parameter list of the request. How can this be a SHOULD, if the client does not do it, there's will it get the data back? If the client receives an option where the length is not divisible by n, there are basically two choices, ignore it or use the part it can. Just pick on and say MUST or ignore or not. Similarly with priority ordering.

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Comment (2009-01-08)
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 I support the issues raised by Cullen in his DISCUSS and COMMENT

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