Definitions of Managed Objects for Network Time Protocol Version 4 (NTPv4)
RFC 5907

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Supporting Dan's discuss

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Thanks, looks like you took care of all my Comments.

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Support Discuss from several other ADs.

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1. Most DisplayString objects have been changed into Utf8String objects, but there are still a few objects where they use DisplayString.I understand that in these cases there will (most probably) never be international text, so we can live with this. On the other hand, I do not see what the problem would be to also make those utf8 based. If the content is ASCII, then basically that is exactly the same, no matter if it is repreented in UTF8 or ASCII.
2. Now that they use Utf8String (from RFC 2287), I think that RFC2287 should be added as a normative reference.

3. It would be nice to acknowledge the contribution of the MIB Doctor Bert Wijnen.

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Support Adrian's and Dan's discusses

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