Extended Key Usage (EKU) for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) X.509 Certificates
RFC 5924

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Comment (2009-07-16 for -)
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The text says...
   Consider the SIP RFC 3261 [2] trapezoid shown in Figure 1.
...but the figure does not show a trapezoid.
I guess there is an implied dotted line between alice and bob?

No doubt Appendix A needs the BSD license applied.

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Comment (2009-07-16)
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  The OID needed for the ASN.1 module identifier is:
  id-mod-sip-domain-extns2007  OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-mod 62 }

  I see no reason to include id-pe and id-aca in the module.

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Bernard Aboba <Bernard_Aboba@hotmail.com> done an O&M Area review of the document which said:

Previous EKU extensions (such as [RFC 4334]) have not been widely
deployed, due to the additional operational complexity they would
have introduced, and the limited benefits.

Given this, and the potential interoperability impact of this document,
the Experimental classification would probably be more appropriate.

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