Fast Handovers for Proxy Mobile IPv6
RFC 5949

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I think the document would be cleared if either acronyms or terms for elements like PMAG, NMAG, etc. were used uniformly throughout, rather than a mix of acronyms and terms.

I think there are still a few occurrences of "previous access router" and "new access router".  While there is text that explains PAR == PMAG and NAR == NMAG, the document would be clearer if PMAG and NMAG were used uniformly throughout.

Expand the acronym "CN" and/or define it in the terminology section.

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4.  Proxy-based FMIPv6 Protocol Overview

   This flag MUST be set in the entire document.

Do you mean that this flag needs to be set in any message specified in this document?

6.2.7.  IPv4 Address Option

   As described in Section 4.3, if the MN runs in IPv4-only mode or
   dual-stack mode, it requires IPv4 home address (IPv4-MN-HoA).  This
   option is used to transfer the IPv4 home address if assigned on the
   previous link.  The format of this option follows the IPv4 Home
   Address Request Option defined in [IPv4PMIPv6].

Does this need a new allocation from IANA?

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Comment (2009-11-19 for -)
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In figure 2, I would suggest adding two additional lines in step l to indicate that UL and DL
data now flow directly between the NMAG and LMA (i.e., that the PMAG is no longer included
the the traffic flow).  This is noted already in the text, but seems conspicuous by omission in
the figure.

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