DHCPv6 Options for Network Boot
RFC 5970

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 10 and is now closed.

(Jari Arkko) Yes

Comment (2010-05-05 for -)
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I support David Harrington's Discuss though.

(Ralph Droms) Yes

(Ron Bonica) No Objection

(Stewart Bryant) No Objection

Comment (2010-05-05 for -)
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The following IANA action gets pulled out of a hat without any mention in the Abstract, Introduction or Text.

"This document also introduces a new IANA registry for processora rchitecture types.  The name of this registry shall be "Processor Architecture Type".  Registry entries consist of a 16-bit integer recorded in decimal format, and a descriptive name.  The initial values of this registry can be found in [RFC4578] section 2.1."

I have no objection to DHCP WG creating this registry, but it should not be tucked down in the bottom of this document with out prior indication to reviewers.

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(David Harrington) (was Discuss) No Objection

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Alexey Melnikov (was Discuss) No Objection

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Comment (2010-07-22 for -)
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1. The title of the document should refer to 'options' rather then 'option'

2. In Section 5: 

The Boot File URL option does not place any constraints on the
  protocol used for downloading the boot file, other than that it must
  be possible to specify it in a URL. 


(Peter Saint-Andre) No Objection

Comment (2010-05-03 for -)
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Section 3.1 (Boot File Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Option) states that "The server sends this option to inform the client about an URL to a boot file." and states of "boot-file-url" that "This string is the URL for the boot file." Does this specification really mean "URL"? Confer Section 1.1.3 of RFC 3986.

(Robert Sparks) No Objection

(Sean Turner) No Objection

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Have the authors considered some additional words in the security considerations about the fact that downloading the wrong operating system could lead to compromise of data on local storage.