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RFC 5988

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 10 and is now closed.

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(Lisa Dusseault) Yes

Alexey Melnikov Yes

(Peter Saint-Andre) (was Discuss) Yes

Comment (2010-04-30 for -)
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I am now satisfied that the "hub" relation will be more clearly defined in the next version of the PubsubHubbub specification, although I agree that the pointer from the registry should be to the specification itself, not the general website for the project.

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Comment (2010-04-20 for -)
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[TBD]@ietf.org and [TBD-2]@ietf.org mailing lists need to be created
and an RFC Editor Note needs to ask them to substitute the final names.

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Comment (2010-04-22 for -)
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The document has a novel approach to expert review, with expiration of a timer
failing over to the IESG.

  Within at most 14 days of the request, the Designated Expert(s) will
  either approve or deny the registration request, communicating this
  decision to the review list.  Denials should include an explanation
  and, if applicable, suggestions as to how to make the request
  successful.  Registration requests that are undetermined for a period
  longer than 21 days can be brought to the IESG's attention (using the
  iesg@iesg.org mailing list) for resolution.

Vanilla expert review would be better...

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