Cryptographic Algorithm Identifier Allocation for DNSSEC
RFC 6014

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

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Comment (2010-03-09 for -)
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INTRODUCTION, paragraph 2:
> Updates: 2535, 3755, 4034 (if approved)

  It's a bit odd to update RFCs that have already been obsoleted (2535,

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Comment (2010-03-11)
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I agree with Russ' DISCUSS comment - the range of Reserved should extend to include 251.

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Comment (2010-05-04)
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It is my understanding that the IANA intends to make the .xml files canonical and to deprecate the .xhtml files, so the pointer to "" probably needs to change to "" (the latter URI currently redirects to the .xml file).

I assume that the IANA signed off on the need to add the current standards status of each referenced RFC to the registry, and presumably to update the registry if and when a referenced RFC is obsoleted (or, possibly, updated) by a new RFC.

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