A Survey on Research on the Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Problem
RFC 6029

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Comment (2010-07-15)
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Thanks for a useful document that helped me undertsand the background to ALTO. After discussion with the IESG I am reducing my Discuss to a Comment that I hope that the IRTF will be able to address in the document.

My concern is in respect of discussion of security.

- If the survey did not look into security, then this merits
  specific mention in seciton 5 along with an invitation to
  other people to look into security.
- If the survey did look into security, but found no existing
  work, then this merits a new subsection to section 4.

One small nit...

Abstract uses "traditionally" where Introduction uses "originally".
"Traditional" jars a little given the relatively short history.

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