A Survey on Research on the Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Problem
RFC 6029

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Technical Summary

   A significant part of the Internet traffic today is generated by
   peer-to-peer (P2P) applications used traditionally for file-sharing,
   and more recently for real-time communications and live media
   streaming.  Such applications discover a route to each other through
   an overlay network with little knowledge of the underlying network
   topology.  As a result, they may choose peers based on information
   deduced from empirical measurements, which can lead to suboptimal
   choices.  This document, a product of the P2P Research Group,
   presents a survey of existing literature on discovering and using
   network topology information for application-layer traffic

Working Group Summary

   This document was produced by the IRTF, not an IETF working group. 
   However, it provides background information that might help inform 
   IETF work by the ALTO WG.

Document Quality

   The document provides a helpful summary of research related to the 
   problem of application-layer traffic optimization as described in  
   RFC 5693. The document has been reviewed by the responsible Area 
   Director, who deems it of good quality.


   The responsible Area Director is Peter Saint-Andre.

RFC Editor Note

   This document provides background information that complements but 
   does not conflict with IETF work being pursued by the ALTO WG; 
   therefore it is appropriate for publication by the RFC Editor in  
   the IRTF stream.