Spatial Composition of Metrics
RFC 6049

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Comment (2010-08-09)
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I found this draft very difficult to read. In part this is the authors terse style and in part this is because of the constraints placed on the authors by the use of ASCII text to express mathematical concepts. In respect of the latter we may wish to encourage the authors to submit a a pdf version of this document using standard math notation.



looks like a typo "--"


The term "ground truth" is used, but I could not see a definition or a reference. Google seems to indicate that it is a technical term in sensing, thus a reference or definition would be useful to the reader.


A reference should be provided for the derivation of the measurement of


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Comment (2010-08-09)
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The OPS-DIR review by Benoit Claise made a number of useful editorial comments which I suggest to be considered.

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Comment (2010-08-11 for -)
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I almost made this a discuss, but thought better of it:

Should the must in the following be MUST?

Passive measurement must restrict attention to the headers of interest.

You later mention precautions MUST be taken to keep user information safe and confidential.  Seems like the above would fall in to the same kind of MUST?