Making TCP More Robust to Long Connectivity Disruptions (TCP-LCD)
RFC 6069

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Thank you for this work and for proposing it as Experimental.

My first Comment is very close to being a Discuss, and I hope you
feel able to add some text (perhaps to the Introduction) to give
the reader (and future generations) some guidance.

For experimental documents, I think it is important to give some
parameters of the nature of the experiment. 
- What constraints will be placed on the experimental work to prevent
  the experiment spilling out into the Internet (walled garden)?
- What are the risks if the experiment is released?
  (perhaps a forward pointer to section 7)
- How will you judge whether the work is stable and successful?
- Do you have plans / proposals to return and revise the work for
  the Standards Track?


Section 2

Tiny nit, sorry

   This document improves TCP's behavior in case of "long connectivity

Well, the document doesn't do that of itself :-)

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  Please consider the editorial comments in the Gen-ART Review from
  Enrico Marocco on 25-Aug-2010.

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