Fundamental Elliptic Curve Cryptography Algorithms
RFC 6090

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Comment (2010-07-15 for -)
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This text from the Introduction could be a little clearer:

   Its intent is to provide the Internet community
   with a summary of the basic algorithms that predate any specialized
   or optimized algorithms, which can be used as a normative

Is this document intended for use as a normative specification or is it intended to provide pointers to other documents that can be used as normative specifications?

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Comment (2010-07-14 for -)
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  Section 3.3.1 (Discriminant) includes:
  > For each elliptic curve group, the discriminant - 16*(4*a^3 + 27*b^2)
  > must be nonzero modulo p [S1986]; ...
  I agree with the observation by Vijay Gurbani in the Gen-ART Review on
  14-July-2010 that the hyphen can be misread as a minus sign. I suggest
  replacing placing "16*(4*a^3 + 27*b^2)" in commas.
  Section 3.3.2 (Security) begins:
  > Security is highly dependent on the choice of these parameters. This
  > section gives normative guidance on acceptable choices. See also
  > Section 10 for informative guidance.
  This use of "normative" in an Information RFC is unusual.  I suggest
  the section be renamed and the rewording or removal of this paragraph.
  I propose "Choosing Secure ECC Parameters" as a useful section name.

  In section 9: s/May, 1994/May 1994/

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