Recommended Simple Security Capabilities in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for Providing Residential IPv6 Internet Service
RFC 6092

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Section 3.1:

   REC-9: Inbound DHCPv6 discovery packets [RFC3315] received on
   exterior interfaces MUST NOT be processed by any integrated DHCPv6

Did you consider processing by an integrated DHCPv6 relay agent?  I would
suggest "server and/or relay agent".

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Please note that RFC 4306 has been obsoleted by RFC 5996

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Two comments:

(1) REC-25 seems out of place.  REC-25 specifies default mode for  handling Host Identity Protocol (hip) packets,
but is in section 3.2.4 "IPsec and Internet Key Exchange (IKE)".

(2) Shouldn't REC-21 cover WESP packets as well as ESP packets?  It would seem the same rules would apply.

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