Generic Notification Message for Mobile IPv4
RFC 6098

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Subject: Protocol Action: 'Generic Notification Message for Mobile IPv4' to Proposed Standard

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Generic Notification Message for Mobile IPv4'
  <draft-ietf-mip4-generic-notification-message-16.txt> as a Proposed

This document is the product of the Mobility for IPv4 Working Group.

The IESG contact persons are Jari Arkko and Ralph Droms.

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Technical Summary

   The Generic Notification Message for Mobile IPv4 augments the
   original registration process of Mobile IPv4, which supports only
   mobile-node initiated signaling, with two new messages. The Generic
   Notification Message can be generated by any mobility agent and 
   directed at any other mobility agent, and the Generic Notification 
   Acknowledgement Message can be sent in response. The new mechanism
   is expected to be a useful container for information exchange and
   session management between the three kinds of mobility agents.

Working Group Summary

   The document underwent Working Group Last call in April 2008 and was
   improved based on lengthy subsequent discussion. In particular, the
   security considerations were updated to describe the timestamp-based
   replay protection mechanism and clock re-synchronization.

Document Quality

   The document was reviewed for quality by Pete McCann.


   Document shepherd: Pete McCann
   Responsible AD: Jari Arkko