RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Port for Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) Sessions
RFC 6128

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

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Comment (2011-01-05)
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As idnits points out, you can strip the RFC 2119 boilerplate and 
reference. I'm sure the RFC Editor can handle this.

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Comment (2011-01-05)
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1) in section 1, "the +1 rule" is mentioned without definition or reference.

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Comment (2011-01-05)
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Section 5 has:

   can, for example, be achieved on an end-to-end basis using S/MIME
   [RFC5652] when SDP is used in a signaling packet using MIME types

Technically, S/MIME messages aren't in [RFC5652] they're in [RFC5751].  RFC 5652 is CMS,  which is profiled for email in RFC 5751.  I've noted that when used with SDP S/MIME has been referred to as follows: RFC 4566 uses text that is similar, but omits a reference for S/MIME; RFC 4657 uses RFC 3851 (previous version of RFC 5751); RFC 4658 uses RFC 3851; RFC 3605 uses RFC 3852 (prior version of RFC 5652); RFC 3261 refers to both 2633 (S/MIME) and 2630 (CMS).  Maybe the right approach is to point to both CMS and S/MIME.