Use of SRV Records for Locating Email Submission/Access Services
RFC 6186

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 05 and is now closed.

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Comment (2010-05-03 for -)
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In Section 3.4, I suggest changing "lower priority value" to "smaller priority value" so that implementers are not confused by the fact that the "preferred" service has a "lower" priority. (In RFC 2782 this is called the "lowest-numbered priority".)

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Comment (2010-05-06 for -)
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There seems to be no definition of SRV in the draft, nor is it immediately apparent in the draft which reference to look up to find the definition.

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Comment (2010-06-16)
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in section 6, "transport layer security" is a MUST; is this TLS, and if so, then should there be a reference to the TLS standard? or is any transport layer security mechanism good enough to meet the MUST?

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