X.509v3 Certificates for Secure Shell Authentication
RFC 6187

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Comment (2010-11-28)
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Section 1 says:
  > Digital certificates, such as those in X.509 version 3 (X.509v3)
  > format, ...
  Please add a reference.  [RFC5280] seems appropriate.

  Section 1 also says:
  > This document is concerned with SSH implementation details;
  > specification of the underlying cryptographic algorithms and the
  > handling and structure of X.509v3 certificates is left to other
  > standards documents.
  What documents does an implementer need to read?  Obviously, RFC 5280
  is needed.  Please list them as normative references.

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Comment (2010-11-24 for -)
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A well written document, one question:

2.1.  Public Key Format

   For all of the public key algorithms specified in this document, the
   key format consists of a sequence of one or more X.509v3 certificates
   followed by a sequence of 0 or more Online Certificate Status
   Protocol (OCSP) responses as in Section 4.2 of [RFC2560].  Providing
   OCSP responses directly in this data structure can reduce the number
   of communication rounds required (saving the implementation from
   needing to perform OCSP checking out-of-band) and can also allow a
   client outside of a private network to receive OCSP responses from a
   server behind firewall.

This text almost make it sound as if OCSP data is optional to include.

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