Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) Media Types
RFC 6208

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Comment (2011-01-05 for -)
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Support Alexey's Discuss wrt the reference to 4627 and the potential
positioning of this document as Informational in which case I don't
think the minimal usage of 2119 language would suffer from being
changed to lower case, since it seems to be referenced from another

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Comment (2010-12-20)
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3.2.  Type : application/cdmi-container

   Container objects are the fundamental grouping of stored data within
   CDMI and is analogous to directories within a filesystem.  Each
   container has zero or more child objects and a set of well-defined
   fields that include standardized and optional metadata.

I just want to double check: can a container include other containers ("subdirectories")?

   The implementations are free to represent the container in amy form they

Typo: any

   choose, but the application/cdmi-container should be represented in
   the CDMI interface as defined in section 9 of the CDMI specification.

4.  Transport Considerations

The reference to RFC 2616 should be a proper Informative reference.

6.2.  Access Control

   The access control of the CDMI end point URLs are beyond this
   specification.  If required applications should use appropriate URL
   authentication and authorization techniques.

Such as?

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Comment (2011-01-05)
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From Sec 3.2: ... includes standardized and optional metadata.

There can be standardized optional metadata - no?  Is this "required and optional meadata"?