Using the NETCONF Protocol over Secure Shell (SSH)
RFC 6242

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Comment (2011-02-28)
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1) The IANA section does not specify that the assigned port is a TCP port. should it?

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Comment (2011-03-02 for -)
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I suspect I am disclosing my lack of netconf clue, but here goes:

Why is the example in section 4.2 (chunked encoding) declaring the base1.0 namespace?  I thought that base1.1 support is required of both the server and client to use chunked encoding...

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Comment (2011-03-01)
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For the sake of clarity, I suggest changing "<rpc> end tag" to "</rpc> end tag" in Section 4.2.

Why do examples at the end of the Section 5 (top of page 9) contain LF? As far as I can see, those XML documents are not being chunked.

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Comment (2011-03-02)
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This is updated to add two new comments from the SECDIR review.

#1) Sec 3.1: 2nd para, 1st sentence: Should the "must" in the first paragraph be a "MUST"?

#2) Sec 4.2: Would any XML decoding error cause termination as stated at the end of 4.2? E.g. some unknown xmlns value or something?

#3) If it's worth changing the framing protocol at all, which I'm willing to accept as a given, it is far from obvious to me that the current negotiated upgrade is the right way to do it, as this will require implementation of the old bad mechanism forever.  Switching to a new SSH subsystem name seems like a much simpler solution.

#4) As a matter of stylistic consistency with the last several decades of Internet protocols, the delimiter sequence in the new framing protocol should have been <CRLF>, not <LF>.