Delay-Tolerant Networking Bundle Protocol IANA Registries
RFC 6255

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Technical Summary

   The DTNRG research group has defined many protocols such as Bundle
   Protocol and Licklider.  The specifications of these protocols
   contain fields that are subject to a registry.  For the purpose of
   its research work, the group created adhoc registries.  As the
   specifications are stable and have multiple interoperable
   implementations, the group would like to handoff the registries to
   IANA for official custidy.  This document describes the actions
   needed to be executed by IANA.

Working Group Summary

   This a document from the DTNRG research group.

Document Quality

   This is an IRTF document.


   The responsible area director is Jari Arkko.

RFC Editor Note

   1. The IESG has concluded that there is no conflict between this
      document and IETF work.