Using Self-Delimiting Numeric Values in Protocols
RFC 6256

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Technical Summary

   Self-Delimiting Numeric Values (SDNVs) have recently been introduced
   as a field type in proposed Delay-Tolerant Networking protocols.
   SDNVs encode an arbitrary-length non-negative integer or arbitrary-
   length bit-string with minimum overhead.  They are intended to
   provide protocol flexibility without sacrificing economy, and to
   assist in future-proofing protocols under development.  This document
   describes formats and algorithms for SDNV encoding and decoding,
   along with notes on implementation and usage.  This document is a
   product of the Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group and has been
   reviewed by that group.  No objections to its publication as an RFC
   were raised.

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   This document is a product of the dtn Research Group of the IRTF.

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