Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA) Relay Element
RFC 6345

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

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Comment (2011-06-22)
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Section 1

   For example, in ZigBee IP

Needs a reference.

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Comment (2011-06-18)
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(1) Why not specify how the PaC finds the PRE here?  Seems odd.

(2) This entire paragraph is very unclear. "The Session Identifier
and Sequence Number of a PRY message are set to zero.  A PRY
message is never retransmitted by the PRE or the PAA.  The PRE and
PAA do not advance their incoming or outgoing sequence numbers for
request when transmitting or receiving a PRY message.  Note that
the PANA message carried in a Relayed-Message may be retransmitted
by the PaC or PAA, leading to transmission of another PRY carrying
the same Relayed-Message." For example, you need to state a
condition that causes the session id and sequence # to be set to
zero - it surely doesn't happen just once every blue moon :-) (Same
thing is restated later.)

(3) It would be stronger to say that multiple proxys are a MUST

(4) 1st sentence of section 3; s/must/MUST/?

(5) "Because the PREs and PAAs are used within an organization,..."
That should be clearer up front.

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Comment (2011-06-19)
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Is the only reason for this protocol so that the PRE does not need to keep the context for every PaC request? I don't quite understand why the PAA has to be involved in this at all except to turn around the information for the PRE to find the PaC.

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Comment (2011-06-21)
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I support Stephen Farrell's DISCUSS.

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Comment (2011-06-20)
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I had an issue with the first paragraph in Section 3 until I saw the exchange between Stephen and Alper.  Long way of saying I support Stephen's discuss.