Datagram Transport Layer Security Version 1.2
RFC 6347

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

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Comment (2011-01-17 for -)

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Comment (2011-01-20)
I support Alexey's Discuss about description of the changes since/to 4347


Should the version numbering be recorded by IANA?


How is wrapping of epoch and sequence number handled? Or is it considered that they will never need to wrap?


It might be valuable to repeat the UDP warning from in section 5


Section 4.3

   This section includes specifications for the data structures that
   have changed between TLS 1.2 and DTLS.

I think s/DTLS/DTLS 1.2/


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Comment (2011-01-02)
SCTP, RC4, SCTP-AUTH should have Informative references.

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Comment (2011-01-20 for -)
placeholder for Charlie Kaufman's secdir review - this deserves a response.  I made this a comment since I know that the sponsoring AD intends to seem them addressed.

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Comment (2011-01-18 for -)
I support Alexey's DISCUSS regarding the need for a section describing the changes from DTLS 1.0 (RFC 4347).