Forward-Shifted RTP Redundancy Payload Support
RFC 6354

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Section 3., paragraph 7:
>    Note, generally in a forward-shifted session, the timestamp offset in
>    the additional header SHOULD be set to '0'.

  When would it be valid and useful to not set it to zero?

Appendix A., paragraph 0:
> Appendix A.  Anti-shadow Loss Concealment Using Forward-shifted
>              Redundancy

  I assume this appendix is informational, i.e., not part of the
  normative specification. It may be useful to explicitly mark it as

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Comment (2010-09-09)
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Section 2

   The traditional backward-shifted
   redundant encoding scheme (i.e., redundant data is sent after the
   primary data), as currently supported by RFC 2198 [RFC2198], is known
   to be ineffective in dealing with such consecutive frame losses.

It would be useful to provide a reference for this statement.

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