MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Linear Protection
RFC 6378

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Comment (2011-08-01)
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1. In Section 3.1: 

OAM indication - OAM fault management or performance measurement  
       tools may detect a failure or degrade condition on either the    
       working or protection transport path and this must input an  
       indication to the Local Request Logic. 

better s/must/MUST/

2. In Section 4.1: 

       The actual frequencies used may be  
       configurable, at the time of establishment, for each individual  
       protected LSP.  For management purposes, the operator should be able  
       to retrieve the current default frequency values as well as the  
       actual values for any specific LSP. 

In the first sentence better s/may/MAY/
In the second sentence better s/should/SHOULD/

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Comment (2011-07-14)
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#1) Section 1.1: r/compared to other survivability mechanisms/, compared to other survivability mechanisms (e.g., ... ).

Isn't it kind of an empty claim otherwise?  The survivability draft only claims:

   In a mesh network, linear protection
   provides a very suitable protection mechanism because it can operate
   between any pair of points within the network.

#2) Expand P2P on first use.

#3) In Section 4.2.2, I think it would aid the reader greatly to add a pointer to registry in Section 5.2?  When I read 4.2.2, the first thought that popped in to my mind was: well what about all the other values are they reserved?  It's probably also worth point out that values are assigned by IANA.

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