Flow-Aware Transport of Pseudowires over an MPLS Packet Switched Network
RFC 6391

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Comment (2011-08-22)
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I don't get the meaning of the text below in section 12. Are
yet more changes expected?

  "The congestion considerations applicable to PWs as described in
   [RFC3985] and any additional congestion considerations developed at
   the time of publication apply to this design."

(David Harrington) (was Discuss) No Objection

Comment (2011-08-22)
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1) in 8.5, incomplete sentence at the end.
2)in 1.2, "A similar design for general MPLS use has also been proposed [I-D.kompella-mpls-entropy-label], Section 9. " It would be good if there was a touch of analysis to accompany this statement. Are the two approaches able to co-exist? If the gerenal solution is approved, will this pwe-specific approach still be needed? (this is apparently provided in section 9. eirther eliminate the reference in 1.1, or provide a forward reference to section 9.
3) a reference for the TC bits (previously known as the EXP bits)?

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Comment (2011-08-22)
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I fully support David's first DISCUSSion point. The shepherding report and the document writeup are pretty content free.

- The IPR discussion was missed.
- I understand that the shepherding writeup was done before the assorted evaluations after -05, but it should have been updated to reflect.

I have no objection to the document on technical grounds (it is well outside my area of expertise), but I also have no way to evaluate it on process grounds.

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Comment (2011-08-22)
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1. OAM is not expanded in any place. I think that the dedicated section should mention that the interpretation of the acronyms is conformant to RFC 6291. 

2. The text in the IANA specifications is slightly mis-leading as there is no amending of the IANA registry, just a change of reference when the RFC is published. I trust IANA knows what to do, but I think a better text would be something like: 

'IANA is requested to reserve the PW Interface Parameters Sub-TLV type Registry value 0x17 for the Flow Label indicator with the reference column refering to this RFC.'

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(Stewart Bryant) Recuse