Message Submission for Mail
RFC 6409

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

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Comment (2011-08-23 for -)
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I have no objection to the publication of this document, but here are some piddle-nits you might look at in the interest of making the draft so highly polished that you can see your ^H^H^H face in it.


idnits says...
  -- The draft header indicates that this document obsoletes RFC4409, but the
     abstract doesn't seem to mention this, which it should.


I think you are not supposed to include citations in the Abstract.
On the other hand, it might be nice to include the reference to 
[SMTP-MTA] in the first paragraph of Section 1.


Maybe the Abstract should mention what type of messages (i.e. mail) the
document handles?


Section 2.2 does not need to include
   In examples, "C:" is used to indicate lines sent by the client, and
   "S:" indicates those sent by the server.  Line breaks within a
   command example are for editorial purposes only.


Section 3

In the last paragraph of the section there are some lower-case "must".
Please be sure that you don't mean upper case.

Similarly section 8 paragraph 3

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Comment (2011-08-19 for -)
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Given that start-tls is (as stated) the most common
way to secure the submission channel, perhaps the
mention of IPsec in 3.3 would be better replaced
with a reference to start-tls?

typo in IANA cnosiderations? "The table in Table 1..."

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Comment (2011-08-24 for -)
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This document seems clear and well-written.

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Comment (2011-08-23)
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WRT to anchor36: Do we expect the RFC editor to ask the IESG before or after the telechat?  I think you could delete it prior to publication.

Appendix B: You could strike 5322 from the list because it's an informative reference.