Proactive Connectivity Verification, Continuity Check, and Remote Defect Indication for the MPLS Transport Profile
RFC 6428

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Please ask the RFC editor to align the state diagrams on to single pages in final layout.

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Joel Jaeggli made a number of editorial suggestions in his OPS-DIR review. I suggest that these are taken into consideration: 


I would add continuity check to the glossary since cv is in there (both are also defined elsewhere)

3.5 says:

   The base spec is unclear on aspects of how a MEP with a BFD transmit
   rate set to zero behaves. One interpretation is that no periodic
   messages on the reverse component of the bi-directional LSP originate
   with that MEP, it will only originate messages on a state change.

I would prefer think that by suggesting this the doucment would simply state thst this is the interpretation that SHOULD be used. it should probably also site teh mpls tp base spec.

   3.7.7. Discriminator values 

   In the BFD control packet the discriminator values have either local 
   to the sink MEP or no significance (when not known). 
   My Discriminator field MUST be set to a nonzero value (it can be a 
   fixed value), the transmitted your discriminator value MUST reflect 
   back the received value of My discriminator field or be set to 0 if 
   that value is not known. 
Your Discriminator show always be capatalized given that it's the name of the field.


   Per RFC5884 Section 7 [8], a node MUST NOT change the value of the 
   "my discriminator" field for an established BFD session.  

My Discriminator  should also be capitalized, I would also be consistent about the use of quotes either use them or not. probably I would just be consistent with rfc 5884

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Comment (2011-07-28)
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Hoping you'll take a look at these during AUTH48.

1) Both the secdir reviewer and I tripped over the use of integrity in the abstract:

Abstract: "integrity of the continuity" seems redundant. Just
"continuity" is better.

Abstract: "any loss of continuity defect". So you lost a "continuity
defect", did you? Slipper little guys, aren't they? Maybe you mean
"any loss-of-continuity defect".

#2) Expand OAM on first use.

#3) Introduction: Double references: "[12][12]" and "[13][13]".

#4) Introduction: Missing commas: "the same
   continuity check (CC) proactive continuity verification (CV) and
   remote defect indication (RDI) capabilities" should be "the same
   continuity check (CC), proactive continuity verification (CV), and
   remote defect indication (RDI) capabilities".

#5) Section 2.1: Please include entries for P/F, MPLS, OAM, and PDU.

#6) Section Are the figure #s correct?

#7) Section 4: There should be a blank line before the title. 

#8) Figure 4, Figure 6: There should be a blank line after the Figure label.

#9) Section 4, Section 6: No blank line before Section header.

#10) Section 4: Ends with a list of length 1. List constructs should not be
used for lists of length one.

#11) Section 6: There should be a blank line before the title.