Email Feedback Report Type Value: not-spam
RFC 6430

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Comment (2011-09-22 for -)
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Would be nice if the Abstract gave context by mentioning "email"


Random thought: is there also a need for an ARF to report when a
message has mistakenly been reported as mistakenly reported as spam?
That would be a "not-not-spam report". This would seem to be necessary
as you include the possiblity of a user accidentally pressing a "not
spam" button.


   There are anti-spam systems that use "not spam" feedback today.

Presumably, this is non-standard "not spam" feedback?


Section 2

   In the first MIME part of the feedback report message, the end user
   or the email client can add information to indicate why the message
   is not spam -- for example, because the originator or its domain is
   well known.

s/can/MAY/ ?


Overall, I had trouble finding where in this document anything was 
actually defined. I don't suppose that is really a problem, but it
was a bit surprising.

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Comment (2011-09-19 for -)
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To avoid endless philosophical debates about what is and is not spam, I suggest changing "Indicates that a message is not spam" to "Indicates that the entity providing the report does not consider the message to be spam" (or somesuch).

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