IPv6 in 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Evolved Packet System (EPS)
RFC 6459

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Comment (2011-08-23 for -)
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I have no objection to the publication of this document.


I find myself in agreement with Stephen. the document reads well, but
having gone to the trouble to write this guide, I think you could have
taken it one step further and described the security issues as well 
(not that I have a clue what they are, but that is why I would find the
description helpful).


Section 1
   There are many
   factors that can be attributed to the lack of IPv6 deployment in 3GPP
   The lack of IPv6 deployment in 3GPP networks can be attributed to 
   many factors.

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Comment (2011-08-22 for -)
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- While I agree that this document doesn't *introduce* any security
related concerns, neither does it tell the reader about any, which
is a real pity.  Are the authors saying that there are no security
(or privacy) concerns about 3GPP's use of IPv6, nor any new issues
that need(ed) addressing? That seems unlikely. Or, are the authors
saying that no-one deploys any security for IPv6 in 3GPP - which
would be perhaps more believable but even more unfortunate.  In
either case, I'd have expected more than one sentence. 

Other than the above, I quite liked this, (at least... more than any 
3GPP thing I've read before:-) and think it could be very useful.

- SGSN and GGSN are used in the intro before the terminology
section, an English phrase for what they do might be better there,
e.g. "various gateways" might do it.

- 2.2: many APNs have various IPv4 addresses and username/pwd
pairs that are publicly known.  I don't know if there's any IPv6 
information associated with publicly known APNs (or that ought 
to be) but if there were that might be of interest. I thought I
might see something about that in 8.4 as well but didn't, or at
least I didn't get it, if its there.

typo spotting:
- HSS definition: s/got introduced/was introduced/
- 8.3: s/in order the roaming/in order for the roaming/

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Comment (2011-08-24 for -)
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I had the exact same thought about the security considerations that Stephen had.