BCP 47 Extension T - Transformed Content
RFC 6497

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

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These comments can be addressed during or after IESG Evaluation:

1. Please address the gen-art review comment from Vijay Gurbani:

- For sake of uniformity, I would suggest wrapping the unadorned
 t with single quotes.  For instance, in S2.1, third paragraph:

 s/The t extension is/The 't' extension is/

 The above is the only unadorned instance I found, but there may
 be others that I did not check for.

2. Please expand the acronym "CLDR" on its first use. Please include the acronym "LDML" in parentheses next to the first occurrence of "Locale Data Markup Language".

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Should you have a reference to 3339 for the time format?  And, this shows my complete lack of understanding but do you need to say whether offsets (e.g., "Z") are allowed?  I guess if it said:

*  it MUST only consist of a sequence of digits of the form YYYY,

then that would be the same thing to say that the offset aren't supported.