Home Agent-Assisted Route Optimization between Mobile IPv4 Networks
RFC 6521

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Comment (2011-11-01 for -)
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I support Ralph's Discuss although I see that the reasoning is clear
from the charter. It should be simple to construct equivalent text to
go in the document.


I searched for a definition of "optimum" or "route optimizaton". I 

   This document proposes a method to
   optimize routes between networks behind Mobile Routers, as defined by
   NEMO [RFC5177].

But RFC 5177 says;

   This document
   does not touch on aspects related to route optimization of this

Section 1 does include a number of statements that "route optimization
addresses this issue" for several issues. That is great, but I still 
missed a succinct definition of "route optimization" and some 
understanding of how I would recognize "optimum" if I saw it.


Section 3.2.2seems to have "should" and "may" that might benefit from
moving to RFC 2119 usage.

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Comment (2011-11-02 for -)
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I'm assuming that these questions just reflect my ignorance of nemo, 
and since this is (currently) aimed at experimental, I'll not make them
a discuss. (If it were going for PS, I think these would be discuss-worthy.)

(1) I don't get how Kcr is setup as required in 3.2?  Is Kcr
supposed to be manually installed? Do all MR's need to have a
different Kcr for all other MRs or is Kcr shared between the MR and

(2) 3.2.1 says an MR MAY generate a new key at any time. How is that
distributed (securely)?

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Comment (2011-11-03)
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The Gen-ART Review by Roni Even on 29-Oct-2011 raises two editorial
  comments.  Please consider them.

  1. Typo in Section 3.1, first paragraph: “alredy”

  2. In Section 3.3.1: “only be when” change to “only when”; and
     “and and whose” delete one of the “and”.

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Comment (2011-11-02 for -)
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I agree with Ralph that more should be said in the document about the nature of the experiment.

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Comment (2011-11-02 for -)
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Related to Russ' discuss (which I support):

IANA has unanswered questions (Authors - you received them directly and can also see them at the
line starting:
2011-10-31 	06 	Amanda Baber 	
IANA has several questions about draft-ietf-mip4-nemo-haaro-06.txt.



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Comment (2011-11-03 for -)
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I didn't get all the way through this one, but I did notice the following:

Mention a random # and get a request to add a reference to RFC 4086 ;)  Please add one in s3.2.2.  Should probably also add a pointer in s3.2.1 because the keys generated need to be random too.