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The Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Experiment Report
RFC 6538

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Subject: Results of IETF-conflict review for <draft-irtf-hip-experiment-14.txt>

The IESG has completed a review of <draft-irtf-hip-experiment-14.txt> consistent with RFC5742. 
This review is applied to all non-IETF streams.

The IESG has no problem with the publication of 'HIP Experiment Report'
<draft-irtf-hip-experiment-14.txt> as an Informational RFC.

The IESG would also like the IRSG to review the comments in
the datatracker
( related to
this document and determine whether or not they merit incorporation into
the document. Comments may exist in both the ballot and the comment log.

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Technical Summary

   This document is a report from the IRTF HIP research group
   documenting the collective experiences and lessons learned from
   studies, related experimentation, and designs completed by the
   research group.  The documents summarizes implications of adding HIP
   to host protocol stacks, Internet infrastructure, and applications.
   The perspective of a network operator, as well as a list of HIP
   experiments, are presented as well.

Working Group Summary

   This document is a product of the IRTF and is in RFC 5742 review
   by the IESG.

Document Quality



   Tom Henderson <> is the
   Document Shepherd.  Ralph Droms <>
   is the Responsible AD.


   The IESG has concluded that this work is related to IETF work done
   in the hip Working Group, but this relationship does not prevent

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