Experiences from an IPv6-Only Network
RFC 6586

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Comment (2011-12-30 for -)
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Good to see stuff like this.


- A timeline would help readers understand the level of effort, e.g. 
if you could give dates for when stuff happened related to a specific
user's home being added, or anything else that gives the right 
flavour for the level of effort.

- Some ascii art n/w diagrams would be nice if you've time.

- Some version numbers (esp. for stuff that didn't work) would be good
for someone reading tihs in a few years time or who wants to try
replicate your results 

- It'd be good if you added your wget scripts as an appendix or put 'em
at some URL (again so folks can replicate) - 3rd last para of 6.2 seems
to imply that'd be useful (and that matches my own experience too)

- Is the DNS64/NAT64 setup you're recommending not more "wiretap"
friendly than a currently typical IPv4 or dual-stack network where DNS
and NAT are less coupled? Either way, that'd be worth noting I think in
section 9.


- be good to point out that you don't in general need to add new APs
(3.1, 1st para)

- saying it "becomes crucial" that you can find DNS servers doesn't
explain why that's harder which may be worth saying (3.2 1st para)

- s/a year and half/a year and a half/ (s4, 1st para)

- You mention Ercisson and Skype (negatively in the latter case) but are
coy about the mobile OSes (presumably IOS and Android). I'd say do one
or the other.

- s/only couple of times/only a couple of times/

- 5.1 - expand RA on 1st use

- s/result require/results require/ or /result requires/ in 5.4

- which year is "next year" in section 8? s/next year/YYYY/

- s/cleaned from/cleaned of/ IPv4 literals

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This is a very useful and well written document.

Jouni Korhonen made a number of comments and suggestions in his OPS-DIR review. None is blocking, but answering them can further improve the document and I know that the editors are already considering them. 

I support the comments / questions in Adrian's COMMENT. 

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Thank you for an informative and readable document.

If you were to have time to provide some additional words about
management (in addition to the brief paragraph in section 8) it would
be enlightening.

- What was the user's experience of performing manual configuration
  where necessary? Is it the same as for v4 or messier?

- What was the user's experience of running diagnostic tools to
  determine configuration and connectivity problems? Are the tools up
  to the same standard as for v4?

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