A URN Namespace for ucode
RFC 6588

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                       C. Ishikawa
Request for Comments: 6588                 YRP Ubiquitous Networking Lab
Category: Informational                                       April 2012
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                       A URN Namespace for ucode


   This document describes a Uniform Resource Name (URN) namespace for
   ucode, an identifier system for objects and places.  ucode technology
   is used in many applications, and this document provides a URN
   namespace for ucode to enable its use in Internet-related devices and

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Ishikawa                      Informational                     [Page 1]
RFC 6588                 URN Namespace for ucode              April 2012

1.  Introduction

   ucode [UCODE] is an identifier to be stored in many types of tags
   (not limited to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags).  Its
   allocation and management is handled by the Ubiquitous ID Center
   [UIDC].  The embedding of ucode in many types of tags (RFID tags,
   optical code, infrared markers, and even sound source) is also
   specified by the Ubiquitous ID Center.

   The basic length of ucode is 128 bits, but it is extensible in units
   of 128 bits if necessary.

   ucode has been devised to identify objects and places where existing
   standards do not fit the application needs or the scope of the
   applications or where the allocation policy of existing standards is
   too limited for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), small-scale
   research laboratories at academic institutions, or individual users.

   Applications that use ucode take advantage of the Internet
   extensively.  Use of ucode is open to anybody.  Those who wish to
   have ucode allocated can do so either by having ucode subspace
   allocated to them directly from the Ubiquitous ID Center [UIDC] or by
   obtaining tags that have pre-stored ucode from so called "providers"
   [UCDMIP].  Such tags are certified as ucode tags [UIDTAG], and the
   reader specifications are published so that there will be many
   readers available for such tags.

   By having a URN for ucode, we can facilitate the use of ucode in many
   Internet-related devices and software for the benefit of existing and
   future users of ucode and people who will access such tags attached
   to objects and places.  Since an application based on ucode can run
   across organizational boundaries and spread across regions and
   countries, a formal URN Namespace Identifier (NID) assignment for
   'ucode' is requested.

2.  'ucode' Registration Template

   Namespace ID:

   'ucode' requested

   Registration Information:

   Registration Version Number: 1
   Registration Date: 2011-12-21

Ishikawa                      Informational                     [Page 2]
RFC 6588                 URN Namespace for ucode              April 2012

   Declared registrant of the namespace:

   T-Engine Forum
   2-20-1, Nishi-Gotanda
   Shinagawa, Tokyo, 141-0031
   Tel: +81-3-5437-0572

   Declaration of syntactic structure:

   The structure of the namespace for 'ucode' using the hexadecimal
   representation of the identifier is as follows using ABNF [RFC5234].

   UCODE-URN = "urn:ucode:" ucode-name
   ucode-name = "_" ucode-number
   ucode-number = 1*ucode-value
   ucode-value = 32HEXDIG
   HEXDIG         =  DIGIT / "A" / "B" / "C" / "D" / "E" / "F"
   DIGIT          =  %x30-39
                  ; 0-9

   NOTE 1:  "1*" at the start of the ucode-number definition is not a
   typo.  Although the currently used ucode [UCODE] is 128 bits (16
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