Generic Connection Admission Control (GCAC) Algorithm Specification for IP/MPLS Networks
RFC 6601

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Comment (2012-01-19)
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Agree with Robert's points in his discuss. I also found this document in general difficult to read, and hard to convince myself that it actually works as expected.

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Comment (2012-01-18)
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I concur with Robert's DISCUSS points

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Comment (2012-01-18)
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1) VARk = BWMck**2/VFck could be mis-read, suggest adding 
parenthesis or using another couple of lines like eq(2).

2) Surely there's a DoS vector here too - couldn't someone in
principle provide bad inputs so that the algorithm denies service?
Not sure how best to note that, but I'd say its worth a mention in
the security considerations.

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Comment (2012-01-17)
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As with all Experimental specifications, it would be nice to define some parameters for the experiment (success criteria, guidelines for those who implement and deploy the technology, etc.).

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