Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks Using BGP for Auto-Discovery and Signaling
RFC 6624

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(Stewart Bryant) Yes

(Adrian Farrel) Yes

Comment (2012-01-15 for -)
Nice documemnt, well positioned as complementary to the official IETF
approach. Thanks.


"PE" first appears in Section 1.1 without expansion.

(Ron Bonica) No Objection

(Gonzalo Camarillo) No Objection

(Stephen Farrell) No Objection

Comment (2012-01-19 for -09)
A check that acronymns are expanded on 1st use would be good,
e.g. DLCI was the one I noticed.

(Russ Housley) No Objection

Comment (2012-01-18 for -)
  One non-blocking comment from the Gen-ART Review by Roni Even on
  7-Sep-2011 has not been resolved.  Please consider it:
  > Section 4.2 refers to section 4 but I am not sure where this
  > mechanism in section 4 is.

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Comment (2012-01-18 for -)
Where do the L2VPN TLVs go in the VPLS NLRI?  Does the TLV(s) appear immediately after the VPKS NRLI when sent between the two PEs?