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IETF Meeting Attendees' Frequently Asked (Travel) Questions
RFC 6640

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From: The IESG <>
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Subject: Document Action: 'IETF meeting attendees' Frequently Asked (travel) Questions' to Informational RFC (draft-george-travel-faq-05.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'IETF meeting attendees' Frequently Asked (travel) Questions'
  (draft-george-travel-faq-05.txt) as an Informational RFC

This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of an
IETF Working Group.

The IESG contact person is Russ Housley.

A URL of this Internet Draft is:

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Technical Summary

  This document attempts to provide a list of the common Frequently
  Asked Questions (FAQs) that IETF meeting attendees often ask
  regarding travel logistics and local information.  It is intended to
  assist those who are willing to provide local information, so that if
  they wish to pre-populate answers to some or all of these questions
  either in the IETF Wiki or a meeting-specific site, they have a
  reasonably complete list of ideas to draw from.  It is not meant as a
  list of required information that the host or secretariat needs to
  provide, merely as a guideline.

Working Group Summary

  This document was an individual submission, not discussed or adopted
  in any WG. This is due to the fact that this is a document about IETF
  internal process and meeting attendance, and no WG is chartered to
  discuss such matters.

Document Quality

  Document was discussed and refined via through several
  revisions prior to IETF LC. The following individuals contributed text
  or provided feedback: Dave Crocker, Simon Perreault, Joe Touch,
  Lee Howard, Jonathan Lennox, Tony Hansen, Vishnu Ram, Paul Kyzivat,
  Karen Seo, Randy Bush, Mary Barnes, John Klensin, Brian Carpenter,
  Adrian Farrel, Stephen Farrell, Yaacov Weingarten, L. David Baron,
  Samuel Weiler, SM, Ole Jacobsen, and David Black.


  Responsible AD is the Russ Housley.

RFC Editor Note