Sanctions Available for Application to Violators of IETF IPR Policy
RFC 6701

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

(Ron Bonica) Yes

(Ralph Droms) Yes

(Stephen Farrell) Yes

Comment (2012-06-15 for -06)
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Who's that Barry Liebe guy? Must be someone in love
with Berlin:-)

(Brian Haberman) Yes

(Russ Housley) Yes

Barry Leiba Yes

(Robert Sparks) Yes

(Martin Stiemerling) Yes

(Sean Turner) Yes

Comment (2012-06-19 for -06)
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Not sure this worth doing but should we state that the rules also apply to remote participants in the contribution paragraph?  Maybe add the following as a new second sentence:

  Remote participants as well as those participating in person at
  IETF meetings are bound by this definition.

Also should we add jabber in there to the first sentence?

(Stewart Bryant) No Objection

Comment (2012-06-11 for -06)
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The policies set out in [BCP79] state that each individual
   participant is responsible for disclosing or ensuring the disclosure
   of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) where:

   - they are aware of the IPR
   - the IPR is relevant to the IETF work they are participating in
   - the IPR is owned by the individual or by a company that employs or
     sponsors the individual's work.

I think that you should put an "and" after each list item.

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(Benoît Claise) (was Discuss) No Objection

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(Adrian Farrel) Recuse

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