Registration of Second-Level URN Namespaces under "ietf"
RFC 6924

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Subject: Document Action: 'Registration of Second-Level URN Namespaces Under "ietf"' to Informational RFC (draft-leiba-urnbis-ietf-namespace-02.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Registration of Second-Level URN Namespaces Under "ietf"'
  (draft-leiba-urnbis-ietf-namespace-02.txt) as Informational RFC

This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of an
IETF Working Group.

The IESG contact person is Pete Resnick.

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Technical Summary

RFC 2648 defines the "ietf" URN namespace, and defines a number 
of sub-namespaces.  RFC 3553 defines an additional sub-namespace, 
"params", and creates a registry to document allocations under 
that. But there is no registry that lists, in one place, all 
sub-namespaces of "ietf".  This Informational document creates 
and populates such a registry. 

This document creates a new IANA registry to hold URN 
sub-namespaces under the "ietf" namespace.  Existing such 
namespaces include "urn:ietf:rfc:", "urn:ietf:std:", and 
"urn:ietf:params:".  All of the existing namespaces are entered 
into the new registry by this document, and future registrations 
are defined as requiring IETF Review.  This policy seems 
appropriate for top-level sub-namespaces controlled by the IETF, 
and is in the spirit of RFC 2648.  This document updates RFCs 
2648 and 3553, for two reasons: (1) It registers the 
sub-namespaces created in those documents and the establishment 
of the registry needs to be noted by readers of those documents, 
and (2) RFC 2648 itself implies that if new sub-namespaces are 
created, RFC 2648 will need to be updated. 

Working Group Summary

This document originates from a note to IANA by Alfred Hönes, in 
which Alfred noted the absence of the subject registry.  IANA 
asked Barry, as the AD responsible for the urnbis working group, 
and Barry agreed that such a registry is needed.  Because this is 
outside the urnbis charter, Barry is pursuing this as an 
individual submission. 

Document Quality

There has so far been no other discussion of this within the 
community; little discussion is expected, and last call produced
a couple of positive reviews with no substantive changes requested. 
This is a simple document that's addressing a procedural oversight,
and no special reviews are necessary. 

The author confirms that to his personal knowledge, in 
conformance with BCPs 78 and 79, there is no IPR related to this 


Barry Leiba is serving as the document shepherd as well as author 
of this simple document.  Pete Resnick is the responsible Area 

RFC Editor Notes

Please make the following changes.

In the header:

Updates: 2648,3553

Updates: 2648

In both the Abstract *and* in the Introduction (identical text appears in both):

   This document creates and populates such a registry, and
   updates RFC 2648 and RFC 3553 to refer readers of those documents to
   this registry.

   This document creates and populates such a registry, thereby changing
   the mechanism defined in RFC 2648 for adding new sub-namespaces of