A Media Type for Reputation Interchange
RFC 7071

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 12 and is now closed.

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Comment (2013-09-15)
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Thanks for the excellent work in resolving the remaining issues.

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Comment (2013-09-11 for -12)
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And the antiparticle of the reputon is... a disreputon?

It seems strange that the context for the reputon is relegated to a parameter of the media type, when it's really a semantic attribute, not a type/encoding attribute.  Suggest moving it inside the reputon or reputon collection structures.

In "sample-size": JSON doesn't have a notion of the length of an integer, so saying "64-bit" here seems odd, unless you mean that it MUST NOT exceed 2**64-1.

I agree with Barry's comment that a collection of reputons (repu-meson?) should be an array rather than an object.

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Comment (2013-09-10 for -12)
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If I am reading this ABNF correctly:
     reputon = "{" [ reputon-object
         *(value-separator reputon-object) ] "}"

     reputon-object = "reputon" name-separator response-set

...then a reputon is one or more reputon objects, each of which is denoted with the string "reputon".   IOW:

{ "reputon": { ... }, "reputon": {...} }

Is that correct?   If so, isn't a little weird to use "reputon" as the string that denotes a reputon object, which is a _part_ of a reputon, not a whole reputon?   Or am I just not understanding the ABNF (which is quite possible—I'm hardly an expert).

The relationship between the term "clutch hitter" and "choke" is not going to be obvious to many readers (e.g., not obvious to me).   This may not be the best example to use to make the point you are making here.

Are assertions not allowed to contain whitespace characters?   I ask because you use names like "choke-hitter" and "is-good" instead of "choke hitter" and "is good".   Given that these appear in quotes, it seems unnecessary to substitute dashes for spaces.

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