Recommendations on Filtering of IPv4 Packets Containing IPv4 Options
RFC 7126

Approval announcement
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Subject: Protocol Action: 'Recommendations on filtering of IPv4 packets containing IPv4 options.' to Best Current Practice (draft-ietf-opsec-ip-options-filtering-07.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Recommendations on filtering of IPv4 packets containing IPv4 options.'
  (draft-ietf-opsec-ip-options-filtering-07.txt) as Best Current Practice

This document is the product of the Operational Security Capabilities for
IP Network Infrastructure Working Group.

The IESG contact persons are Joel Jaeggli and Benoit Claise.

A URL of this Internet Draft is:

Technical Summary

This document discusses the operational and interoperability
implications of filtering IPv4 packets based on the IPv4 options 
they contain. It also provides advice to operators who wish to 
do such filtering.

Working Group Summary

This document received in-depth review from some key WG 
members. The WGLC concluded that this is useful information 
that is presented in an easy to read format.

Document Quality

This documents evaluates, in detail, every IPv4 option that has 
been specified so far and provides the following analysis:
1) The use case for each option
2) Specific threats that have been identified with said option
3) Operational implications of blocking said option
4) Very specific advice to operators on how to deal with said option

The format in which the information is provided makes this document 
very easy to read. This is very useful information for operators of Internet
 Service Provider and Enterprise networks.


Kiran Kumar Chittimaneni (KK) is the Document Shepherd. Joel Jaeggli is the Area Director.