Moving Generic Associated Channel (G-ACh) IANA Registries to a New Registry
RFC 7214

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

(Stewart Bryant) (was Discuss) Yes

Comment (2014-01-23 for -03)
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My aim is to vote yes, but I think that it is worth discussing the following point:


Given that these texts are in the RFC Editor's queue, albeit about to be released by a blocking reference, it would be clearer to the reader  if we were to modify the IANA section directly using an RFC Editor's note and remove the update that
this RFC proposes. Given that the shepherd and the AD are the same for all three drafts this should be straightforward to address. In addressing this the note about changing the references should also be addressed.

(Adrian Farrel) Yes

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(Benoît Claise) No Objection

Comment (2014-01-21 for -03)
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As noted by Scott in his OPS-DIR review:
I do note that the ID does not actually say why a reorganization id a good thing to do.  It might be good 
to add a sentence or two to explain the advantages of this work.

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