Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Conditional Requests
RFC 7232

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Comment (2013-12-19 for -25)
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Meral Shirazipour raised some editorial comments in the Gen-ART review. I thought that the examples comment was a valid one, for instance. But I have not seen a response. Did the authors consider the comments?

(Of course, not all comments may result in changes. For instance, the issues of splitting or merging the documents are in my opinion something that is difficult to deal with at this stage, and I understand the WG if they do not want to make changes. Assuming all relevant text is still somewhere and reachable through references, of course.)

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*) I'll not repeats the OWS discuss point from p1.  If it gets changed there I assume it will get changed here.  If not then this can be ignored.

0) Abstract: Maybe would add stateless in front of protocol in the description.