Mobile Multicast Sender Support in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Domains
RFC 7287

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 08 and is now closed.

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Comment (2014-03-25 for -08)
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I have a couple of questions about text clarity. Please consider them, along with any other comments you receive from other reviewers. 

And I should say that MIP/PMIP drafts I've often read have been dense for me, and this one is clearer than most - thank you for that.

4.3.2.  Operations of PIM in Phase One (RP Tree)

   Source handover management in PIM phase one admits low complexity and
   remains transparent to receivers.  In addition, the source register
   tunnel management of PIM is a fast protocol operation and little
   overhead is induced thereof.  

I didn't understand this text clearly. Is it saying something like "little overhead is introduced"?

7.  Security Considerations

   In addition to proper authorization checks
   of MNs, rate controls at routing agents and replicators MAY be
   required to protect the agents and the downstream networks.  In

is this "may be needed"? The passive voice doesn't make the text easy to parse (and I'm thinking this MAY is not a 2119 MAY, but that's a separate issue).

   particular, MLD proxy implementations at MAGs SHOULD carefully
   procure for automatic multicast state extinction on the departure of

This word doesn't fit (a quick google of online directionaries pointed toward "procure" as obtaining something by special effort, for example). I wondered if you meant "probe", but I'm guessing.

   MNs, as mobile multicast listeners in the PMIPv6 domain will in
   general not actively terminate group membership prior to departure.

   implementations of peering-enabled proxies SHOULD take particular
   care on maintaining (varying) IP configurations at the downstream in
I don't understand what "varying" means in this context (my first guess was that it was being used as a synonym for "maintaining", which didn't work). Is it needed at all?

   a reliable and timely manner (see [RFC6224] for requirements on
   PMIPv6-compliant implementations of MLD proxies).

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Comment (2014-03-26 for -08)
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A quick review reveals nothing of significance for applications that I can find.

I do wonder about why this is Experimental. Seems to me it could have been a Proposed Standard, and there's nothing in the document to indicate any "experimenting" that's truly going to be done or what the WG expects to discover from this "experiment". But if the AD is OK with it, I'm not going to hold it up.

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