Automating DNSSEC Delegation Trust Maintenance
RFC 7344

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Comment (2014-06-11)
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I actually sort of agree with Pete that this would be better as PS.  But I don't care enough to block the document.

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Comment (2014-06-10)
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Section 1:
'This document is a compilation of two earlier drafts: draft-barwood-
   dnsop-ds-publish[I-D.ds-publish] and draft-wkumari-dnsop-ezkeyroll.'

Does draft-wkumari-dnsop-ezkeyroll exist or was that supposed to be a reference to draft-kumari-ogud-dnsop-cds? Either way, a citation is needed.

Section 2.2:
'After a Child DNS Operator first signs the zone, there is a need to
   interact with the Parent, for example via a delegation account
   interface, to "upload / paste-in the zone's DS information".' 

What is being quoted here?

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Comment (2014-06-12)
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You don't say (or I missed it while reading in a hurry;-) if
a child can have the new key be the same as the old key.
What happens if a child does that?

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Comment (2014-06-10)
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Thanks for a very well written document, and for a good separation of normative and informative references.

Version -14 addresses my minor comments and clarifies the IANA considerations -- thanks.

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Comment (2014-06-11)
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I support Pete's DISCUSS.

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