Service Function Chaining (SFC) Architecture
RFC 7665

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- 'Service Function Chaining (SFC) Architecture'
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This document is the product of the Service Function Chaining Working

The IESG contact persons are Alvaro Retana, Alia Atlas and Deborah

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Technical Summary

This document describes an architecture for the specification, creation, and ongoing maintenance of Service Function Chains (SFC) in a network.  It includes architectural concepts, principles, and components used in the construction of composite services through deployment of SFCs, with a focus on those to be standardized in the IETF.  This document does not propose solutions, protocols, or extensions to existing protocols as these will be addressed in other documents produced by the SFC WG.

Note that the selected architecture presents a model addressing the problematic aspects of existing service deployments, including topological independence and configuration complexity as laid out in the SFC WG problem statement document.

Working Group Summary

This document has been reviewed multiple times by many participants in the working group and has undergone several revisions to   integrate all aspects requested of the SFC architecture.  The document is also the product of a merge of multiple previous documents.

Document Quality

   There was a lot of discussion and reviews of the draft by the WG.  It had plenty of focused attention.


   Document Shepherd:  Jim Guichard
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