Problem Details for HTTP APIs
RFC 7807

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Comment (2015-12-16 for -02)
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Section 4 talks about how a problem type SHOULD resolve to HTML documentation. Is there ever a case where an API might be standardized to be used by multiple origin servers? Would each server host it's own documentation? Would the problem type be a relative URL under those circumstances? (You say it can be relative, but all the examples are fully qualified)

- 4, 2nd paragraph: "New problem types need to carefully
This is a pedantic nit, really a personal pet peeve: Designers of new problem types should consider this. I doubt the types themselves will :-)

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Comment (2015-12-11 for -02)
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- 3.1: "SHOULD NOT automatically" de-ref the type URI. Hmm, under
what circumstances would it be reasonable for any code to
automatically de-ref the type URI? If none, then either
s/SHOULD/MUST/ or maybe s/automatically// 

- 3.1, last para: I'm sure this is a known thing, but I don't know
the answer, so I'll ask:-) If I send a request for URL and am re-directed to, against which
of those is a relative URL in the problem detail evaluated?  I hope
the answer is - if not, there could be some attack that
could be mounted but I've not got a concrete example to offer.

- 3.2, last para: should "media type" be "problem type" at the end?

- 4: "typically with the "http" scheme" - your examples are all
https, don't you mean https here too?

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Thanks for helping me resolve my Discuss.

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